Wednesday, August 12, 2015

 57'' x 68'' (give or take a smidge or two)
complete, washed and ready to go.

ok, so it's official-the boy Devon is going to Colombia this summer. i have no idea how he's going to pay for it...when talking with him about it and i asked why he wanted to go to Colombia, of all places, he said it just clicked. Now, how can argue with that? Now, off to the raising of the funds... crazy!! 

i received in the mail, Collin's orientation letter to high school. wow! how it goes by so fast. not sure i feel about it, doesn't really matter, it's going to happen whether i "feel" it or not. :)

Kirstin and the baby was here this week, along with the vomit bug; they didn't get that, tho. what they did get is 10 hours of amtrack virus. and it just lingers and lingers. poor babies! :( Ken drove them back to chicago yesterday. he'll be back home today, provided the weather is ok. 

i guess he couldn't sleep either, we where texting at 4am, funny.

working on another project for a friend! i love doing this stuff, it ain't perfect my any means, it just brings me peace and quiet where i can just shut it all out! 

off to wake to the boys for school.
19 degrees
no new snow...yet
on the news, 19 yr old dies from meningitis. WOW
school broken into
5 year old hostage feed and doing well! captor is dead.
no halftime show next year for super bowl.?? gonna have to hear some more about that...

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can you say! dang!!! maybe not, but i can!! 
today is thursday, happy valentine's day btw, i woke up at 630am. this is from  being up on wednesday at 230am and have been up since!! why was i up?? have no idea! but up i was, i sewed, putzed, i tried to nap, nope!, went out with ken to get some new pants for wedding we are attending, went to work, got off at 830, then in bed by 915 and then i must have slept hard-i didn't remember waking up!!! 
the boys are going on winter retreat tomorrow, so me and ken will be home! ALONE!!. me ken and louise-a wedding, work and rest. i even took off from making breakfast this weekend for church. will be taking a much needed do nothing weekend! 
taking a sabbatical from fb, like i really needed to say that out loud! ha!! ((except of course what comes thru my email, so if i miss something-oh well)) i will being using this lent season to refocus on my walk and thoughts and where i take myself. shhhh again for me! as well as, doing Not A Fan bible study. i've done it once but the church is doing it, so guess what! a perfect opportunity to examine my followerness for Christ. 
i am reading blog posts with little comments, but i am reading them!! 
i am working on projects...

this is my tax season 2013 project-sit in the chair and hand stitch.

this is for my friend tammy, work on this before work

my heart breaks for the family and friends of that kid that killed himself. 14. wow!!! by the time i got home from work, they both knew about it and were sad. thru technology, devon had already found out his name. i have friends whose children attended the school and again, my heart just breaks.
my thinking goes back to my own high school issues, when a boy killed himself. my dad's friend's son-she heard that shot and found him slumped over his school books. so many others!!
my reflections is to be so thankful for the twenty fingers and twenty toes that are asleep only to wake up to cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
Father!! i beg you to release your band of angels on that boy's family. to surround them with your love and warmth! to surround them with friends and family that love them. Amen
so many questions, so many theories already. oh my gosh STOP IT ALREADY!!! they make my head hurt with the political garbage. lets us band with prayer and mourn the death of a precious life!

He brought us out… that He might bring us in. – Deuteronomy 6:23
watched a beth moore video on the youtube called low of love:Deuteronomy. yeahyyy, no homework and love getting new words to just "throw around". ha! i am certainly not a good greek/latin/hebrew word thrower arounder. ha! 

This year's tax season is over. bitter sweet, money was good, but... i miss the family. i miss out on so much! but i did get the week off this coming week. i think i was because i took off monday but the boss said no, that not why at all. ! heyyy, project wrap-up in progress!! swwwweeett! 

grandbaby and kirstin anne are visiting this week, too. well they arrived here thursday but working the later pedicures w/kirstin anne are in order and more play time on the floor w/the boy.

i think i will take the boys to see a movie this week, as well. 

thinking about the book i just finished, taking back your faith from the american dream, radical. it's by david platt. you should look it up. lots of truth packed in that little book, now to make the truth real. owch!! next book will be the cost of discipleship by dietrich bonhoeffer. well it's about 1 inch think (not bad) but the font is like #6. note to self...keep $1store readers nearers by.
 **both rented from the library.

missed my thursday texts this week-that's ok, the sendee's know i luv'em. 

church last night was about 1 Cor 5. judging is ok and we need to judge "inside" our own and not out in the world, God will do that. you can read it. makes perfect since to me. some folks...not so much. anyway.

now off to make the breakfast the church folks and the home folks.
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My top 10 of the past week!
It’s Monday, first day of regular work hours! But I did have the previous week off! Yeay!
Completely recovered from a rib out of place. Weird!
Kirstin Anne and Juju came to visit.
I went to Chicago with them for a few days.
Enjoyed a wonderful dinner prepared by SIL.
Got sucked into Downton Abbey!
Did not finish-up one project.
Did not cook breakfast for church supposed to go camping...
Did not go camping because it rained (SNOWED).
Made pulled pork for dinner for guests yesterday.
Got the marching band calendar! Oh boy x 2!!
Got good news from one friend that in one more clean visit to the oncologist, she's considered cured.
Got good news from another friend, that her numbers are getting better and her tumors are shrinking!
I don't know what God as planned for this week, but will see what happens! I've got the joy joy joy down in my heart! la la la !